Why A Blog?

In my many years of presenting “The Wall,” I have realized that many who take part in the workshop are left wanting something more.  I have had requests for book recommendations, websites to visit, and even music recommendations that all can help people in their personal journey to tear down the walls of hate.

As a result, I hope to use this blog space in two ways.  First, I want it to be a place to share resources.  I will post about incredible articles, books, websites, and music that relate to the struggle for social justice, and I welcome comments and discussion on these recommendations.

Second, I want this to be a space for sharing my thoughts on current events or the things I have learned from working with incredible people all over the world.  Once again, I welcome comments and suggestions.  After all, learning is a life’s journey, and no one person has a monopoly on truth.


2 thoughts on “Why A Blog?

  1. I was at the Illinois HOBY seminar this weekend and the speech you presented was absolutely breathtaking. You opened my eyes in a way that I hadn’t previously experienced and made me understand more about myself and today’s society. You’ve inspired me and I’m sure it was the same for the other students that were present. Thanks again, you’re a wonderful speaker and person!

  2. Thanks, Abby! I am glad that the presentation helped you to think in new ways. The question is, though: How are you going to use the inspiration from this weekend to make the world a better place?

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