No Capacity for Love

I was in my hometown of Grand Junction, CO this week for the first time in about three years, and I was fortunate enough to spend some wonderful time with lots of wonderful people while at home.  While catching up with my friend and one of my personal sheroes, Terri, we got onto the topic of Love and its incredible power.  While talking, Terri mentioned that one of the most important lessons she has learned in life is that people “have no capacity for love.”

When she first said that, I was taken aback.  After all, I am used to using the term Capacity as “the capability to perform or produce.”  I thought, “It is so unlike Terri to think that we have no capability to perform or produce love.”  However, Terri was referring to Capacity in more the sense of “the maximum production possible.”  Simply said, we can never run out of love.  She told me of when she had her first child how she had thought that there was NO WAY she could ever love anything as much as she loved that child.  Then came her second child, and her love grew to hold two.  Then came her third child and her love only grew some more.  Today she works with young people, and her love only continues to grow.

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For the Men – Consent IS Sexy

First and foremost, I must apologize to those who follow my blog!  I have a goal of posting once a week, but with the packing and moving of the last few weeks, I have failed in my goal, but I will be much more diligent now that I am getting settled into Colorado.

A few weeks back, my incredible friend Becca was visiting me in Chicago, and as we have on many occasions, we had an incredible conversation about sexual violence in our culture.  As a result, I have been inspired to blog about sexual violence, but I wasn’t sure the best approach.

In my efforts to be an accountable and responsible man, both formally as a sexual assault survivor’s advocate and informally advocating with friends, acquaintances, and family, I have had my eyes opened to the horrible reality of sexual violence in our society.  Women from a very young age are made aware of this reality, but unfortunately, far too many men never quite realize the extent of the violence or realize the role that we as men play in this violence.

Thus, though I would love to hear testimony from all of the women who come into contact with my blog, this post is directed directly at the men in my life . . . It is time we talk about consent.

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