Silence is Not Always Golden

As I am in the middle of some HOBY craziness (having just returned from 4 HOBY seminars this past weekend and since I am getting ready for my 7th total of the year in the coming weekend), I’ve decided to have my first ever guest blogger on Change From Within!  This is the first of hopefully many submissions by amazing people who have something powerful to say about justice, power, oppression, and community.

This week’s submission comes from an amazing HOBY Ambassador from Kentucky HOBY.  Nick Dill is a senior at Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.  He recently posted this submission in a “note” on Facebook, and I asked him if I could republish his work here.  With his enthusiastic consent, I present to you:

Silence is Not Always Golden

By Nick Dill

So, I went to the movies today and watched the “Silence is Golden” commercial for the 800th time.

But today I started to really think about it, and I realized something.  While yes, this philosophy is great during a movie, I can’t help but think about the vast majority of Americans, and citizens of the world for that matter, that live their daily lives by this simple saying.  This fact makes me want to vomit. It sickens me. Whether  it be intentional or not, the fact remains true: Millions of Americans remain ignorant and force their friends, family, and neighbors to live in silence.

People point out flaws, imperfections, and differences in their companions in the human race, and in doing so, force these people to believe that they are a bad thing. Eventually, these tiny remarks about differences accumulate over time, and entire groups of people are hated for reasons they can’t even control. This mass amount of hate builds up and these people’s voices are silenced. They are condemned to a life of suffering and punishment.  They have to continue to live in silence until something changes. They have to suffer until America becomes educated. They struggle through each and every day trying to lead a normal life.

But how can someone lead a normal life if they are being treated based on hate founded hundreds of years ago?  The fact is – they can’t. Thousands of teen suicides occur every year because of bullying based on their identity – gender, race, weight, sexuality, masculinity, and ethnicity. But what does the US do to stop these innocent deaths? They sit back and watch the latest football or baseball game. But peoples lives are at stake here!

Why let a neighbor, colleague, friend, or even family member die on account of ignorance and hate?

Take a stand.

Stop sitting back and waiting for somebody else to take control.

Change starts with you!

Educate yourself. Then educate others.

We must end the hate. Fight for change for a better tomorrow!


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