No Ads (For Now), So Consider Donating!

A few weeks ago, I asked my readers whether they thought I should advertise to make my work more sustainable on Change From Within.  While people generally were in support of the idea of advertising so that I could more easily sustain my work,  a few suggested that I start by adding a PayPal “Donate” button.

Well, I hate advertising as much as the next person, so I’ve added a donation button to the right!  If you are a regular (or even one time) reader and appreciate the content, please consider helping make my work sustainable with a donation.  For those who are regular readers, I would encourage you to donate in smaller amounts regularly (like a subscription) rather than in a larger amount once, even if that means that you donate $1 every other month rather than $5 now.

Whether or not you are able to support Change From Within monetarily, thank you for your support through readership.  Please keep reading, and please re-link the blog on facebook or twitter whenever you particularly enjoy a piece.

Peace be the Journey,



2 thoughts on “No Ads (For Now), So Consider Donating!

  1. I donated! Though I can’t afford to donate much right now, I hope it helps.

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