Safer Sex – Lucky Bloke Giveaway!

Long-time readers of my blog know that I’m a big fan of sex, particularly healthy, happy, consensual sex!  I have detailed my views on sex, and I have written about how consent can be super sexy.

If you’ve read my work, though, you will know that I am a proponent of comprehensive sex education.  Break out the bananas and condoms, flavored lube, and latex gloves that can (oh so easily) be turned into a fantastic dental dam!

I order to help you, my readers, practice sex as safely as possible, Change From Within is proud to partner with Lucky Bloke to offer a free month’s subscription for condoms, lube, and dental dams!

What’s Lucky Bloke you might ask!?

Lucky Bloke: Discreet and affordable international delivery of top-selling condoms and lubricant

Sex is exciting. Walking into a store, and purchasing condoms, not so much. And, running out of condoms isn’t just awkward – it can have some very unwelcome consequences.

That’s where Luck Bloke comes in: We have carefully selected the top condoms in the world – including, Kimono, Glyde, Billy Boy, RFSU, Durex, and Trojan condoms – and you can create your own personalized collection for monthly delivery.

A subscription to offers discreet and reliable delivery of top-selling condoms at affordable prices. Sent via mail, your fresh, new condoms arrive – no matter where your global travels might take you.

Your custom selection is delivered in a confidential, unmarked package to any valid address of your choosing (office, dorm, bat-cave? You name it).

Our favorite part?
10% of our sales are given to urgent humanitarian causes. And, you are able to choose the cause you would like your subscription to support!

Lucky Bloke is offering one lucky Change From Within reader a FREE MONTH’S SUBSCRIPTION delivered to your door just in time for Valentine’s Day!

A Month’s subscription allows you to to choose 18 condoms or dental dams in 3 different styles and 12 pillow packs of lube!  FOR FREE!  Plus, there’s no obligation to continue your subscription after the month’s over.  If you want to continue, you can sign up.  If not, no worries!

To enter to win, all you have to do is click the following graphic and fill out the form!  Don’t worry – it just goes to me (Jamie), and I won’t use your information for anything but this contest.  I just wanted people to have a discreet way to enter the contest (you know, in case both you and your mom read the blog and want to enter but neither of you want the other to know you’re entering).

The contest is now officially closed, and the winner has been notified!  Thank you for your interest!


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