On Black History Month

Because I get quite tired of hearing this question, I thought I would put together a little visual representation my response…

Click to Enlarge


One thought on “On Black History Month

  1. It IS that time of year when everyone is trying to come up with a relatively short answer to give all their racist-friends-who-think-they-aren’t-racist-just-super-clever-and-insightful when this question inevitably comes up.

    Some twitter person (@woodmuffin, who is no bastion of thoughtful or progressive commentary, so don’t go looking for it there) famously tweeted this year:
    “Why don’t they have a WHITE history month?? Why don’t they have NON-handicapped parking spaces? Why’s there no cemetery for ALIVE people??”

    Now there’s a pithy response that more or less gets it done. I don’t know about the third part as analogy, but the parking spaces one is a relatively apt analogy.

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