“This is My Body.” – A Feminist Manifesto

I feel like a bad blogger!  While I was able to put together a piece last week on Idle No More, the week before that I had a guest post up, and this week is similar.  It’s not because I’m not writing though!  I have two big pieces waiting in the wings as they are mulled over by a few larger publishers.  If they are not accepted for publication over there, I will publish them here.  So keep an eye out.

That said, I only have time in a given week to write one major blog post, and I put that energy this week into a piece that should be up on Everyday Feminism at some point in the near future.  So until I can share that one with my readers, check out this INCREDIBLY POWERFUL video.  It originally came out during the election campaign season when politician after politician was telling women what they should and should not be able to do with their own bodies.  Someone posted it the other day on Facebook, and I thought it deserved a share over here on Change From Within.

“Do not be afraid of a world in which women know themselves, their voice, and their power . . . That world has arrived.”


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