The Top 10 of 2013: Change From Within’s Year in Review

Happy New Year!

2013 was a transformative year for me and my writing.  My business and my blogging have changed and grown a lot in the last 12 months.  In a lot of ways, my writing here at Change From Within has taken a back seat to my writing for larger platforms, namely Everyday Feminism and The Good Men Project, which has been cool to see. As is my yearly tradition, it’s time to reflect on my writing of the past year and highlight those pieces that were most widely-read.

Over at Everyday Feminism, three of my pieces really stood out in terms of reception and hits:

‘That’s Racist Against White People’ A Discussion on Power and Privilege was by far my most popular piece of 2013 at EF with more than 80,000 hits.

Also worthy of mention from my Everyday Feminism writing in 2013 are Intent vs Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter and So You Call Yourself an Ally: 10 Things All ‘Allies’ Need to Know.

At The Good Men Project, I had a few different pieces go bananas in 2013.

The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21“, a piece I co-wrote with Alyssa Royse, Julie Gillis, and Joanna Schroeder, was by far my most-read contribution of 2013 with more than 1 million hits on numerous platforms.

My Open Letter to the Rapey Frat Brother and the ‘How to Get Laid’ Generation also was widely read, getting picked up by the Huffington Post.

Change From Within’s Top 10 Articles of 2013

Over here at Change From Within, the posts that were most read speak to the changes in my own work.  More and more, I have tried to highlight the writing and perspectives of the amazing people in my community, and that’s reflected in the most-read articles of the year.  4 of the top 10 articles of 2013 were composed by friends and mentors!

Without further ado, here are the top posts from Change From Within in 2013:

10. Shaking Off the “Harlem Shake” Meme – Tools for Resisting Cultural Appropriation

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 4.35.47 PM

After “Racism, Appropriation, and the Harlem Shake” (coming in at #2 below), lots of readers were asking questions like, “So what are we supposed to do?  How do we actually resist cultural appropriation?”  In response, I wrote out a list of simple actions that we can all take to resist cultural appropriation around us.

9.  Standing Up to Racial and Religious Profiling

Kadra Abdi

After being racially and religiously profiled by the TSA in June of 2013, my dear friend Kadra Abdi wrote this powerful call to action with ways that we all can stand up to racial and religious profiling.  Her compelling story challenges us to think critically about our own judgments and how we can be part of the solution to this pressing problem.

8.  Rethinking Lisak & Miller: Checking the Math

After much criticism for my piece entitled “Preventing Sexual Violence – Rethinking Lisak & Miller,” I wrote a piece that tackled some of the math being used in criticizing my reconsideration of the groundbreaking Lisak & Miller research.  My friend Rida helped me run some mathematical scenarios that rethink the “predator theory” for who exactly we should be focusing on in our work to prevent sexual violence.

7.  Coming Out of the Woods: On Hugo Schwyzer and Accountability

In August, Hugo Schwyzer, a man who I have defended in the past, showed everyone who he truly is: a misogynistic, racist fraud.  In turn, I owed a lot of people apologies for my defense of this indefensible man.  Here is the public version of that apology.

6. 33+ Suggestions for Action After the Zimmerman Verdict

Justice for Trayvon MartinFor me, like many people, the “not-guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial was devastating.  It wasn’t particularly surprising, but it was devastating emotionally and in its wider implications.  Thus, I was incredibly thankful when my friend and mentor Daniel Escalante emailed me with a list of suggestions for action that he (and others) put together. Now, a few months after the verdict, it is good for me to revisit these suggestions and recommit to action in 2014.  I encourage you to do the same.

5. All is not Gravy – Honoring Genocide and Calling it “Thanksgiving”

OlgaGonzalezOn the day before Thanksgiving, my friend and ally in work for justice Olga González reached out to me in frustration with how some people were responding for her calls to rethink the Thanksgiving holiday.  From our conversations came this incredible piece that asks each of us to reconsider how we engage with our history and how we celebrate things that ought not be celebrated.

4.  #FitchtheHomeless – On Dehumanization, Paternalism, and Charity

In may I saw a video that made me absolutely livid.  A dude was proposing combating the weight-hate of Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO by giving their clothes to people experiencing homelessness.  Sounds generous, right?  Think again.

This piece was originally picked up by The Good Men Project and then The Huffington Post, adding to the reach of this one.

3. Patriarchy vs Love – Time for Men to RISE

The third most popular piece on Change From Within in 2013 came from my good friend Dan Mahle.  Dan calls on men to rethink what it means to be man and to rethink what our relationships with other man can and should look like.  He also calls on men to reconsider the costs of traditional masculinity and patriarchy to our well being and self realization.

2. Racism, Appropriation, and the Harlem Shake

Harlem ShakeOne of my posts that went most viral came in response to one of the year’s biggest memes: The “Harlem Shake.”  Millions of people around the world watched or participated in versions of the “Harlem Shake” meme without considering the wider implications for cultural appropriation or the impacts on the people of Harlem.

This piece was shared on multiple other mediums, widening its impact, and it led to me speaking on a panel at Hamline University on the Harlem Shake and cultural appropriation.

1.  Please Be That Guy: 7 Men Who are Transforming Masculinity

DarnelMooreBy far, my most popular post of 2013 was a simple post where I highlighted the work of men who inspire me.  “Please Be That Guy” shattered every record on Change From Within, with more than 15,000 people coming through to read the post in one day and more than 98,000 hits to date.

If you missed it (or if you want a refresher), check out this post to learn about the work of Darnell Moore, Fivel Rothberg, Kai M. Green, Emiliano Diaz de Leon, Jackson Katz, Jeff Perera, and Carlos Andrés Gómez, all of whom inspire me in their work to transform what it means to be a man and a human being.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of my readers who inspire me to keep writing every week.  The community that I have built through maintaining this blog inspires me daily.

Here’s to a more just and transformative new year!


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