[Video] The 7 A’s of Hooking Up

Some of y’all might remember that back in the fall, a Phi Kappa Tau fraternity brother from Georgia Tech made national headlines when he sent the rapiest email ever to his frat email list.  Entitled “Luring Your Rapebait,” the email listed off the “7 E’s of Hooking Up.”  If you want to read them, you can here, but I’d advise against it, as it’s pretty damn misogynist and degrading toward women.

In response, I wrote a piece for the Good Men Project that called the dude in to consider the implications of his email while putting forward the “7 A’s of Hooking Up.”  Eventually the Huffington Post even picked up the piece and ran with it.

Wel,l when I was in New York City last fall, the incredible Fivel Rothberg (who I profiled in my 7 Men Who are Transforming Masculinity piece) and Martyna Starosta had the idea to film a short piece about the 7 A’s of Hooking Up, so working with their colleague Abe Vazquez, they shot and edited an amazing little video about consent!  Check it out!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions in the comments!  I tried to parallel my 7 A’s with dude’s 7 E’s, but in doing so, it surely left out a few aspects of consent.  What would you add?


2 thoughts on “[Video] The 7 A’s of Hooking Up

  1. I really like this video, there is a couple things that you might want to consider though. The whole “consent is sexy” campaign is worrying because consent is not sexy its simply necessary to have consensual sex. Now, the ways people ask for consent can be sexy and consent shouldn’t be a mood-killer because then whats the point? So i think if I was you I would have added that. Also sometimes girls (just gonna say girls, since this whole response was focused on a heteronormative email) will not want to leave their friends if they are at a party, so if a guy wants to hook up with me, I would much rather he just join the group, and he can even bring a friend or two over. Talking all as a group can be fun and it allows the friends to see if you are actually interested in this guy so everyone can check up on each other if you do decide to pair off and talk alone. I know there sometimes is fear of breaking up the “pack of girls” but just joining in and showing interest for one girl is actually a good way to start letting someone know you are interested in hooking up. It allows for friends to keep track of each other and as well as approving of each other’s hookups. Thats all I can think of.

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