What is Change From Within?

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Change From Within is a space with two purposes or goals.  First, it is a space for me to share my thoughts on social justice through the lenses of  community, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, class, and hopefully much more!  In my work as a diversity consultant and professional presenter on issues of diversity, I encourage people to see introspection and relationship building as key to making the changes in oneself that inevitably lead to changes in our society and culture: hence the name Change From Within.


Second, it is my hope that my musings will lead others to talk, consider, reflect, and respond! It is my hope that you will take the thoughts and considerations inspired by the blog into your community to discuss with family, friends, acquaintances, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and so on.  You are also welcome to reach out to me via Twitter if you would like to discuss a piece (though there is no guarantee I will respond).


6 thoughts on “What is Change From Within?

  1. So glad to have stumbled on your page! I am the founder of The Body Is Not An Apology, a radically inclusive movement focused on unapologetic self love and body empowerment. Using the lens of race, gender, sexuality, ability, size, and class we seek to use body love as a catalyst for social justice and community building. I hope we can find ways to collaborate, cross promote, shake up stuff together! Look forward to reading and learning more!

    • Hi, Sonya! Thanks for stopping by CFW! I just briefly checked out The Body is Not An Apology, and I loved what I saw at first glance! I look forward to exploring more as I have a bit of time!

      If you have ideas for cross promotion or collaboration, please let me know! I am always looking for good guest bloggers to highlight from time to time on my site, so if you have a piece you are particularly interested in getting out there to my particular audience, let me know!

    • Barbara Jefferson

      This is awesome! Both of you human beings (Sonja Renee & Jamie Utt) are special people in my life and I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with both of you! I can say from my experience that you two would make major waves together. Love to you both! ~Barbara

  2. Jamie,
    Love your site… My son shared your site on facebook… You should look into presenting at next year’s Women of Wisdom Conference. They are in the process of including a wider range of approaches to being women in the world, including the transgender experience… some are struggling with welcoming transgender women into feminine spiritual community. Women of Wisdom Foundation is on facebook.
    Thanks for your work.

  3. Jamie,
    I love this. I recently did this Anti-Bullying video contest. I really hope my school got something from it, I know I sure did. A friend saw you speak at HOBY and I would really be interested in hearing your thoughts about bullying prevention suggestions for our school. I really want to make a change.

  4. I was was interested to come across your blog. Change from within, connecting inner change with change in society, is very much the philosophy of Initiatives of Change, the nonprofit for which I am national director. “Building trust across the world’s divides.”

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